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Flores amarillas en el bosque

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Take a moment to think about what you most like to do, what you most miss in the daily rush and scuffle of work, tasks and chores. Stress, speed, even impatience: they all have their place. But life always seeks a balance. After the stress, relaxation. After the rush, an endless moment. After the impatience, time for every-thing. Refugio Tinquilco — a place to find your own balance.

Comfort and service at Tinquilco Lodge

With room for fourteen overnight guests, an over- flow cabin for another six, and a natural camping area with only 4 camping sites for two people each one, with simple but efficient services (self generated electricity, hot water, showers), tasty meals, home-made bread, jams, pies and cakes, wine and beer for evening gatherings, where there's always time in the evening for music and conversation. For backpackers running out of whatever, there's a hot plate, sink and a warm welcome. The building have a small but very good library and a great collections of tapes, CDs and records of selected music, as well as an environment surrounded by original works by Chilean artists and photographers. The sauna, snuggled amidst the ancient forest, has quickly become one of the most rewarding pleasures of each day.

EL refigio en pleno invierno

The area includes Lake Tinquilco, suitable for swimming and canoeing, plenty of hikes through Huerquehue National Park. It makes an excellent starting off point for trips to the hotsprings, Pucón and other attractions. The variety of birds is particularly rich, depending on the season, and there are other interesting wild animals, particularly in winter and spring.

Retreats and special meeting needs

Throughout the year, groups interested in spiritual, artistic, psychological, scientific or other kinds of retreats are welcome at Refugio Tinquilco. We provide lodging, cafeteria, a remarkable restaurant, library, sauna, showers with hot and cold water and other comforts amidst striking native forests of coigüe, mañío, canelo, tepa and araucaria.

Take a moment to think about what you most like to do
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How to reach Tinquilco
By bus, car or bicycle, as you wish
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National park Huerquehue, one of the beautiful ones of Chile